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Martin Goold 3/4/13
I recently experienced some swelling on my knee due to bursitis. I was given a Cornbag Critter, and was amazed at how well it worked. It stayed warm for such a long time! After only a couple of days, the swelling had gone down. I am relieved to know that if it happens again, I will have my corn bag to help me out.
From: Coeur d Alene ID
LeeAnne Soffe 1/4/11
My family loves the cornbags. I heat the cornbags and place them in my childrens' beds at bedtime. That way they get toasty warm and settle down to sleep. My father also had spine surgery this Fall, he now uses a cornbag everyday to ease mild aches and pains. Can't wait until the full back cornbags are available again... my father will love it!
From: Cheyenne,WY
Heather 11/3/10
I am a mother-to-be, and I use my Cornbag for all my little discomfort "pains"!
From: NC
Carol Matinas 2/15/10
I recently injured my arm at work and am receiving therapy for it presently. However, when I am home I use my cornbag to ease the discomfort all the time. It really is great and I love to give them as gifts as well. Everyone appreciates them and I recommend them whether it is to ease an ailment or simply for comfort.
From: Swoyersville, Pa
Diane 12/17/09
My husband placed order after I received one for myself and I knew he would steel it from me even though I ordered one for him for his back. He loved it so much we placed this order so he could have one for his shoulder. We love that we support a business in the good ol' US and your product is fantastic. I'm taking one to work for my hip. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been helping me. Happy Holiday's and thanks again for great comfort! Diane
From: CT
Angie 12/17/09
I love the quality of your products and they are going to be great stocking stuffers and gifts for several friends! Thanks again!
From: Texas
Sarah 12/16/09
I received my Cornbag last night and immediately threw it in the microwave. LOL! I used it on my shoulders and it felt soooo good. My husband used it too and he loved it. Then I remembered you mentioned that you put them in your children's bed. : I did the same last night and put it down by my feet. It was HEAVEN!
From: CA
Holly 12/7/09
I received my corn bag critter so quickly and have used it everyday since. I absolutely love it! It has been a lifesaver. My 4 year old son has been fighting me over it so I guess it's time to buy my kiddos one too! :
From: Nashville, TN
Donna 11/16/09
I saw your ad in an old Country living magazine and I just love your little critters! I have had a corn sack the same one for over 15 years : They are awesome! You just cant wear them out. Mine has been my foot buddy in bed for all those years. Congrads. to you .. Donna
From: Belton, MIssouri
I love this product, am hoping it can replace the electric heating pad that my elderly cat uses for arthritis
From: WI
Susan Magnotta 9/24/09
Oh my goodness! What a lifesaver for a breastfeeding mom! They provide the absolute best long-lasting heat for treating blocked ducts. I had tried other methods before I was introduced to Milk Buds and nothing compares. A VERY COMFORTING and EFFECTIVE tool for the nursing mother!
Aimee 5/18/09
I absolutely fell in love with my Corn Bag Critter. It is such a relief to my lower back...and I've found the seat heaters in the car help it retain the heat while driving! AHHHHH....
From: PA
Dave 3/16/09
These things make a great gift--I gave one to my wife for her birthday and she loves it...she said it's the "gift that keeps giving" every time she warms up her cold feet with it in the bed.
From: Indiana
Amy Lyons 11/12/08
Just received my corn bag critters. Popped in the microwave for 30 seconds and wonderful for sinuses!! Thank you!! Great Idea! Look forward to future designs!!
From: Katonah,NY
Tiffany 10/5/08
My mom purchased a cornbag critter for me even though I have "had" other types of bags. She said try this for your fibromyalgia. I thought it couldn't hurt. I thought it was going to be just like the others that I had where I would heat it in the microwave and a minute later it was cool. Well, that was not the case with this one. I can't tell you how many times I have used this since it was given to me. In all my flare-ups which are frequent I reach for this before Tylenol. That speaks for itself. As I am writing this testimonial, I have it tucked in my shirt on the back of my neck. It is really wonderful! In fact, I had my husband use it last night for his back discomfort and my 7 year old daughter loves it as well. It really is much much better than the store bought bags I "had' and can't say enough about it.
From: exeter, pa
Mike D. 10/3/08
I was given a corn bag critter as a gift. I was weary at first, however I had chronic shoulder and knee pain so I was willing to try anything. To my surprise, the corn bag helped alieviate my pain. I now use whenever I have any aches or pains.
From: Shavertown, PA
Mary Ann Basarab 8/28/08
I was pleased and proud when my daughter created the idea of the Cornbag Critter. Little did I know that these so called children's critters would end up assuaging my terrible knee pain and my husband's back pain. I have had two knee surgeries thus far, have osteoarthritis, and bone on bone movement in my knee. But most of the time it is manageable through exercise and medication. My husband, a Montanian, and avid skier, has spent years riding horses and also being thrown off them, so his cumulative injuries are too many to mention. In desperation one night, my husband heated up a cornbag when I was in such extreme pain that I was brought to tears. The moist heat that radiated from the cornbag immediately soothed my pain and let me sleep. My husband, with that tortured back and neck, also loves his new found friend, Bella the Dog. I travel with my job, and I now ALWAYS make sure I have my cornbag critter and also that the hotel has a microwave - both absolutely necessary.
From: Montana
Jennifer 7/16/08
I LOVE my Corn Bag Critter! My personal favorite is Bella the Dog. As a person with a bad back and knee I use it all the time. Besides the fact that it's portable since there are no cords it gets hot enough to do the job, but not hot where you have to worry about burning yourself like you could with other products. I also love that it's safe for my girls to use!
From: Egg Harbor, NJ

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